Pointholding a FootDoug Morrison will not be running Body Electronics Instructors Courses in the foreseeable future. My hope is to carry the torch for Great Britain and get people qualified and insured to practice. Spring 2009 saw the start of a training course in Body Electronics, teaching people to practitioner standard.

Extensive home study in all areas being taught is also a requirement. Practitioners in Great Britain will then be able to get insurance to practice once qualified, though people from other countries will have to find their own insurer if they wish it. Doug Morrison has accredited the course and my ability to teach it.

Books The course involves extensive basic training in nutrition to the point where the practitioner can explain and implement a suitable dietary and nutritional saturation programme for Body Electronics. In addition to in-class study this will require many hours of reading and study of nutritional texts and documents.

The course similarly covers basic iridology and sclerology, though the practitioner will not be trained fully as an iridologist, nutritional therapist or naturopath.

I know that Peter is dedicated to Body Electronics and has used it extensively since 1998 in his practice. He has sound knowledge of all the areas within the discipline including nutrition and naturopathy, iridology and sclerology, pointholding and the specific methods of mental-emotional release used within the field. I would absolutely consider Peter to be one of the most competent and knowledgeable people in the world within Body Electronics. He is extremely capable of teaching and guiding people through this training course. I consider the course curriculum itself as covering all the relevant material, clinical practice and self-development work required to produce a good practitioner in this field.

Dr. Douglas W. Morrison

There is extensive training needed in the theory and practice of Body Electronics pointholding. Much experience is required in addition to the taught weekends through attendance of pointholding groups until the prospective practitioner has attained the required standard.

The material is covered through Power Point Presentations and extensive written material. My two extensive manuals are used as teaching aids.

The course is examined, mostly by external examiners who are themselves outstanding practitioners in the field, through both written papers and video presentations.

As of 2015 no students have completed the examinations and received the practitioner certificate.

Course Formats

The way the first course ran was through in-class tuition over 17 days, set at weekends over around 18 months. Now there are other possibilities open to covering the required material. Since the exams are more real that for most courses in existence, someone able to pass the exams will be a good practitioner. Exams involve video of the student lecturing, running a pointholding group, taking cases with feedback from the recipient and so on. In other words the exams are based on what the student would need to do as a practitioner.

So the course can be run in the following formats, numbers permitting for each format. They are in order of speed of covering the materal.

  1. Weekend attendance with further attendance of pointholding weeks or days.
  2. Attendance of cleanse weeks and pointholding intensives where there will be some lectures given.
  3. Evening lectures for people who live locally and can attend evening or daytime pointholding groups.

Two Week Pointholding Facilitation Course

This course is open to anyone who has done some pointholding previously and is psychologically ready (through whatever means they have got there).  It covers some material required for the practitioner training.

Of the various parts of body electronics this is the most difficult to learn. It requires not only understanding of principles with the mind, but experience of using these principles and inner realisations. It has taken me a long time, a lot of effort and a lot of pointholding to get to grips with what is going on at the level I have it now. I'm sure there's more subtlety to come.

The rest of body electronics is relatively straight forward. It's mostly learning rather than realisation.

My own process has been strongly guided towards, and also away from, certain sources of information. In the 1st half of the 90's I read Carl Jung and Jungian based psychological astrology and alchemy. I found all this very opening and very applicable to seeing how people operate. Then I read and went to groups on Process Work (also Jungian based). In 97 I read the New Primal Scream which explained from a different perspective about our psychological defences. Later that year I came across body electronics and could not integrate it with the Jungian framework directly. I was in too gross a place in myself to see  the connections during pointholding. The Primal Therapy books did help me to see what was going on on some level and were of practical value; but the framework is a mechanistic one, one as I see it, based in "getting to traumas" and so lacking in the subtlety of spirituality that lies behind what John Ray and Jung are saying. The last few years I have understood the connections between the Jungian framework and the processes in pointholding; particularly relevant are the concepts from alchemy. I could go as far as to say that John Ray has mostly rediscovered the principles of alchemy and added to them greatly with the body work aspects of pointholding.

Most importantly pointholding is only part of what we can do to get a sense of our issues and it is vital to be looking at issues that are cropping up in life and delving into them so we can start to see our projections and thus dualities. Also it is vital not to be "working on ourselves" as a quest whilst not understanding what we are supposed to be doing with our life at that moment.

This is a dedicated seminar of both actual pointholding and other exercises using clearing meters, partner facilitation and questioning exercises outside of pointholding together with lectures. Obviously it not only takes a certain time to absorb the process, it takes time to realise the process, so  there's no saying that someone would come out of the seminar being competent.

So some things covered in detail with exercises:

The law of perfection: our Divine Nature pushing for manifestation
The law of love: required for emotional transmutation
The law of light: the inner wisdom brought through only by realisation
Focus on the outer versus focus on the inner
"Beginners Mind"
Physical and Emotional Principles of transmutation: sealing the alchemical alembic
Observation and separation, reception, recreation and release - the 4 phases of transmutation
Resistance and choice
Polarisation, Duality and The Four Elements of alchemy
Layers of defence and the 7 levels of emotion
An extensive look at the various manifestations of "unconsciousness"
Deepening memory from the perspective of archetypal patterns
Deepening memory from the perspective of animal instincts
I would like to find everyone's astrological sun and moon signs at least so we can start to get a grip on some major patterns that will be going on in the life.
What "big" dreams are telling us - alchemical and other symbolism from the collective unconscious
etc. etc. (whatever I see is generally appropriate for the next step at the time from observing people working)

You will be asked during the whole seminar:

  • to pick up on any obvious resistances or even "incongruence" you might see in others
  • to notice and write down your dreams
  • to be real about your projections and feelings around others
  • to attempt not to succumb to outer desires and distractions and emotional defences - such as eating to satisfy desires, smoking, chocolate, TV etc. It is vital for increasing consciousness that these things are faced on an inner level - though of course this cannot be done all at once.
  • not to start inane conversations about outer life with others for the sake of it
We would discuss and come to a group consensus on how this would work right at the start.