Logic in Sequence books 1, 2 and 3 by Dr. John Whitman Ray.

These books are still under copyright to John Ray's heirs though currently out of print. These book contain in depth writings on the philosophy behind body electronics. They are linked here from Scribd.

Logic in Sequence Book 1 - Dr John Whitman Ray

Logic in Sequence Book 2 - Dr John Whitman Ray

Logic in Sequence Book 3 - Dr John Whitman Ray

Locating and Holding Points in Body Electronics

Locating and Holding Points in Body Electronics is a manual on the physical aspects of Body Electronics by Peter Hinde. The 2009 version slightly updated for 2015, it comprises of 150 A4 wire bound pages with in depth descriptions on each major point - its location, how to hold the point, tips on comfort, often extensive extra notes and clear diagrams. Locating and Holding Points in Body Electronics is a manual on the physical aspects of Body Electronics. There is generally one point covered per page. It also contains full explanations of how to hold points in general with common problems covered, assessing when to finish a session, lists of other points with briefer descriptions, tables of muscle and spinal reflexes, lists of contraindications, and diagrams of meridians.

It does not contain information on locating and holding cranial points or other advanced points.

The manual has been proof read by Doug Morrison (in its earlier stages), Graham Bennett and John Hutichison and I am grateful for all their extremely valuable input.

What People are Saying

The location and use of the pointholding points have been covered with thought, care and precision and will be a valuable aid to anyone serious about qualification in Body Electronics. Thanks Peter, this is just the kind of tool the B.E. world needs.
Graham Bennett, Body Electronics Institute of New Zealand
I'm so elated that you've written this book! It is a very comprehensive and professional publication. It covers all the curly little questions that people have at pointholding sessions, and in my opinion, should be a part of every B.E. person's library. Most important! I'm really pleased I could be a small part of its process of development; thank you for the opportunity to contribute, especially at a time when I have been unable to be involved in B.E. properly. It has helped to keep me inspired.
John Hutchison, Practitioner, Australia

How to Obtain a Copy

The manual is not a publication, it is only available through private arrangement to anyone who has previously attended pointholding classes, intensives, instructors courses, and to private students of Body Electronics practitioners. I would require someone to provide a certificate of attendance at a Body Electronics seminar or a note from a practitioner. Otherwise I would send a copy to a responsible body work therapist at my discretion.


Cost of the manual is £40

Postage and Packing rates for 1 manual:

£5 for the Great Britain
£9 for Europe
£13 for outside Europe

Please ask for discounted costs and postage rates for larger quantities.

Send me a message telling me your country, your seminar attendance details or other therapist's qualifications (to be verified) and I will send you payment details by email.

The Internal Alchemy of Body Electronics

Only available to students, The Internal Alchemy of  Body Electronics is a book on the mental-emotional aspects of Body Electronics by Peter Hinde. It comprises over 300 A4 pages. Going into depth with plentiful examples on John Ray's method of transmutation, both on the emotional level and the mental belief level. It also integrates Jungian psychological concepts, particular on alchemy, which can help someone get more from sessions as it contains the natural language of the deepest part of the self.

The book is in 5 parts. Part 1 covers the fundamentals of what we are and how we got to where we are. Part 2 covers the basic principles that anyone would need to know for effective pointholding and emotional transmutation. Part 3 goes deeper into the possibilities of finding the way through in any individual session and more into the mental level of transmutation. Part 4 covers longer life processes, how we know we are on track, and the long road to encompassment of deeper dualities from a combined alchemical and body electronics framework. Part 5 focuses on teqchniques of facilitation of the processes covered in the other parts.

How We Heal: Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection; by Douglas Morrison

The main book body on electronics which is widely available by major booksellers. How We Heal was written to appeal to a wide audience, presenting the principles as straight forward and easy to understand. Dr.Morrison is a great lecturer and really understands the subjects he is talking about. A mainstream book written by him could not be anything but a good read. The book includes sections on nutrition, dentistry, iridology, body points, pointholding and the theory and mechanics of the process used to transmute resistance-patterns.

Book by Graham Bennett

the list

The List by Graham Bennett

An in-depth exploration of The List, a tool to help order one's life and maintain perspective as one undergoes a series of life-changing Healing Crises and changes of consciousness. The first 12 chapters deal practically with the origin and basic concepts of The List and will be readily grasped by people completely unaware of Body Electronics. Later chapters delve more deeply into the principles behind manifestation, which students of Body Electronics will be more familiar with, although no prior understanding of the principles is assumed. The ultimate goal of The List is not just to get what you want out of life, but to consider all such desires from the wider perspectives of karma and individual responsibility. You can get whatever you want, but should you?

The List was shown to me to be the most important item we can place our attention upon to reconstruct our lives and bring order into existence out of the disorder we have created. Dr Sir John Whitman Ray, founder of Body Electronics