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  • Nutrition and Naturopathy
  • Spirituality and psychology, internal alchemy
  • Articles backing up the physical and energetic pointholding theory
  • Seminars and Pointholding Intensives
  • New books

Newsletters have been quite sparse and you can expect no more than one per month on average.

Aiming for GDPR compliance, all that is held is an email address as no name or other personal data is used at the time of signup. The email address is held on EUKHost's servers which they state are secure and totally UK based. Your email address will never be sold on by me, shared or used for marketing purposes outside of the scope of Body Electronics as stated above. This newsletter requires you to explicitly opt-in and you are free to opt-out at any time using the unsubscribe link contained within emails you will receive or by revisiting the subscribe page and clicking the relevant link. On opting out, your email address is automatically deleted from the database, although it may possibly exist in EUKHost's backups for some time.

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