1. Body Electronics is concerned with uncovering the truth which lies hidden within us all. The mechanics of this process is called transmutation as it takes some of what is present within our psyche, something that is not true that is obscured by our reactivity and resistance and acts upon it using specific principles leading to it being changed to a form containing perspective and thus choice. This process is one of lovingly and willingly enduring all things. It is a choice to enter any such process, no matter what the discipline, or to remain in reactivity and untruth.
  2. In Body Electronics there is an attempt to welcome mental, emotional and physical pain that is already in our being, as there is much to learn from it. The processes entered into require discipline to stay with the pain and search for ways to intensify it by working with the inner process that is naturally attempting to unfold. Most commonly the pain transforms into a strong burning sensation which eventually releases as reactivity and resistance dissipate.
  3. The uncovering of truth to which Body Electronics adheres, is a process of realization and can never come directly from an accumulation or analysis of facts or theories, although these may on occasion lead us to the process of realization. The truth to anything is an integrated experience not confined to just feelings, or just thoughts, or just sensory input.  The process leading to realization is a stripping away to what is already there in essence, not an accumulation, or an attempt to get to the truth by increasing the knowledge and understanding of outer things.
  4. Body Electronics aims to help someone to follow the process of life, which otherwise might be called Divine Will, however arduous this may be. It does not aim to please the reactive self.  As such it does not aim to keep someone in a comfort zone, increase physical health, eradicate physical disease, attain enlightenment or ascension, or even increase consciousness to such an end.
  5. Although Body Electronics recognizes the ability to create from thought and desire, it also recognizes the potential to create against Divine Will and thus be merely keeping someone in their comfort zone whilst adding to the complexity of their suppressions. Thus if somebody wants to create anything they must be willing to face the potential lessons that come to them if it is a mistake. In Body Electronics we would normally let the creative force in our lives act to produce something new simply because we have got out of the way. In other words, it is our reactivity and polarised beliefs that are stopping what we really desire from our centre from manifesting.
  6. The attitude within Body Electronics is to assume that we have created (or at least co-created) everything in our lives and that we are the ones who can take the responsibility to change it. Thus the common assumption that we are victims of what happens to us is seen as a delusion based on reactivity and resistance.
  7. In Body Electronics we are attempting to take responsibility for our projections onto others or the world in general. Projection is one of the first steps towards obscuring the truth in any situation. It is a denial that we contain a certain behaviour and an attempt at locating that behaviour outside of ourselves. It is the step that ensures that the focus of awareness is externalised rather than kept on the creative inner essence.
  8. In Body Electronics there are no "positive beliefs"  to replace "negative beliefs." We are not trying to make someone feel better, we are trying only to uncover the truth. The truth is neither a positive nor negative belief, it is a realization. Where some disciplines might try to overlay "negative" beliefs with "positive" ones, we would see this as adding yet another lie to the situation. This is a process of increasing the obscuration of the truth, not decreasing it as in the process of transmutation. As such we are not trying to increase someone's self-confidence, self-worth, or get them to overcome fear and do what their reactive self would want. In short, there is no agenda to do anything other than take responsibility for our inner pain and come to the experience of the truth about it.
  9. In Body Electronics we attempt to not suppress our emotional or sensory experience of any situation, however painful it may be. We attempt to lovingly and willingly endure what happens to us. We also recognize that there is a limit to an individual's ability to lovingly accept an experience and where suppression to a certain level may be the correct course of action.
  10. In Body Electronics we are in the process of transmuting compulsive or stimulus-response behaviour to a more conscious place where there is choice. Stimulus-response behaviour places us in the instinctual realm, and we do not equate instincts with consciousness, or indeed intuition.
  11. In Body Electronics we do not see consciousness as any ability to manipulate external energy, sense external energies, communicate with discarnate beings, heal others, reach altered states, or walk on fire. These are more in the realm of occult abilities and, although certain abilitites may strengthen with increasing consciousness, they do not define that increasing consciousness and often form traps and distractions on the way to it.
  12. Body Electronics does not uphold detachment and desirelessness as virtues, though they may be upheld in many other disciplines or religeous communities. The process of transmutation and the ensuing realizations lead us to a state of increased ability to feel and a state where the desires are gradually purified out of the compulsive instinctual, or reactive, realm, to the desires to live according to Higher Principles which have been unveiled to us through the process of realization. We must be careful of the false virtue of premature transcendence.
  13. In Body Electronics we aim to gradually reduce addictive behaviour. Addictions are seen as coming from the desire to not face, and be responsibile for, painful emotions or sensations or memories that are constantly pushing at us from within. Since the aim of Body Electronics is to gradually uncover the truth at a pace we can cope with, an unwillingness to attempt to reduce addictive behaviour is incompatible with Body Electronics. Such addictions are not limited to drugs, tobacco, alcohol and so on, but can also be to foods, people, animals, objects, places, situations, materiality and money or certain behaviours, naive beliefs or concepts. Ironically there could also be an addiction to the attempt to increase consciousness. Again we also recognize that there is a limit to an individual's ability to lovingly accept painful inner experience and where a level of suppression or addiction may be the correct course of action for the time being.
  14. In Body Electronics we are not trying to behave in any preconceived way of what might be thought of as spiritually or psychologically upstanding. We are merely trying to choose the correct reponse in any situation, or continue the process of transmutation until we come to that position of choice. We are not trying to save people from the hurt that might be exposed in them from our behaviour. As such the path of non-resistance does not mean bending to the will of the reactive self of others, it means bending as best as we can to the Divine Will which can only be accessed from within us, which is for the highest good of all concerned. There is no growth in consciousness for anyone without exposure to their inner pain.