Body Electronics

Body Electronics has been developed since the 1950's mostly by the work of Dr. John Whitman Ray. Little known in Europe, it is a rounded spiritual and psychological discipline involving the pressure point body work of pointholding, nutrition and naturopathy. Commonly it uses iridology as well.


Body Electronics requires someone to adhere to good nutrition principles. This involves a clean diet, with a high proportion of raw nutrients, and use of principles from traditional diets of exceptionally healthy cultures.


Iridology is the analysis of the irises of the eyes as maps to the whole body. It complements all therapeutic practices since it provides information as to the root causes of ailments. It shows areas of inherent strengths and weaknesses, areas of inflammation and under-function. It is a completely safe and non-invasive analysis.


Naturopathic principles have always been taught alongside the nutrition and pointholding. These principles uphold our life as part of the natural world - they allow us to tap into the innate healing ability of the body when given an appropriate diet, herbs, and encouragement to shed wastes.



The Source and Nature of Duality

When we perceive two inwardly connected things as separate and distinct in terms of the usual laws of cause and effect we are perceiving a duality - a split created by us not having the wisdom to perceive the true inner workings and cause that lies hidden behind it all. When we step further into the play and side with or identify with one thing over another, or judge that one thing is better than another, we start to deepen the split by adding emotional resistance..... Read More

Alchemy in Emotional Transmutation

Alchemy might seem on the surface to be a backward form of chemistry where little is understood about the nature of the substances being acted upon. Alchemical writings are a mass of strange symbolism leaving you wondering if the subject has any relevance to chemical processes at all. Looking from the usual outward focused mindset, alchemists seem to be strange excentric dreamers. A handful of more recent mystics and scholars though understood this symbolic language as being aligned with the inner language of transformation..... Read More

Alchemy in Mental Transmutation

After purifying all aspects of a central issue emotionally, we will naturally progress to work on transmutation at the mental body level, as John Ray defined it. The emotional dross has been burned and dissolved away and the specific polarities at play are now clearer. For the first time we can see the central concept that has been a connecting part of everything we have worked on so far in a particular area of life.....
Read More

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